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Fun with Brody and Molly, two young Aussie mixes.  One of the smartest breeds. http://www.beachdogfun.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/BrodyMolly_agility.mp4 We are always interacting with the pups that we welcome to the day care at Beach Dog Fun.  Pet sitting is more than just kennels and crates.  We encourage the pups to socialize with each other and with two legged friends as well.  This video shows some of the agility fun we have. In addition the pups are walked, hugged, petted, encouraged to participate.  Even the most timid and anxious pups can learn to socialize and find their place in the Beach Dog Fun pack.   We encourage you to bring your small dog, 35 pounds or less to Come.  Stay.  &Play!!  Call 805-987-1364 for more...

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